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Specialists in demolition, asbestos removal and maintenance

Every project revolves around one single issue: efficiency. We deliver efficiency by managing all the areas of expertise required for your project, and by providing you with all the benefits of a single point of contact.

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One point of contact for all the different areas of expertise required for your project.

Demolition work

Industrial demolition projects
Inner-city demolition projects

Complete project management

One point of contact for your entire project

Environmental and soil remediation

An additional service that is often provided when demolishing foundations

Asbestos removal

Ceramic wool
Chromium 6
Battery spray

Assembling and dismantling

Industrial relocation
Hoisting work

Removing radioactive sources

Mineral wool


Experienced in a wide range of specialisms


Rest value of materials
Resale of used equipment

Making an inventory

What needs to be replaced?
What can be reused?
What needs to be fabricated anew?

Dismantling, assembly, replacement and overhaul

Installation, removal, replacement or revision of (specific) parts during a project

Building structures

Building work such as roof edge protection, cage ladders, landings and floor gratings

Re-use and restoration

Sandblasting and coating of structures

Not so bad is never good enough


In our business, we deal on a daily basis with materials that are harmful to both people and the environment. We therefore have a great responsibility to handle these materials appropriately.

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