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Demolition work

Industrial and inner-city demolition work

Demolition is a broad area, and can be both simple and complex. A large part of the demolition work we carry out is focused on industrial and specific inner-city demolition projects.

Generally speaking, industrial demolition projects are more complex, which means that more specialisations need to work together. This calls for the use of specific technologies, materials and services. These include water cutting, asbestos and radioactive source removal, soil remediation and the use of explosives.

Complex demolition projects

Our technology and expertise are geared towards the most complicated demolition projects, such as power stations, hospital buildings and chemical and petrochemical installations, and includes large projects such as turnarounds and factory shut-downs.

Different scenarios and budget calculations

Because demolition work can be very complex, we prepare plans to cover different scenarios and budget calculations. We assist with transport, residual value mediation for materials, and the resale of used equipment; all the elements required for the execution of your demolition project. You will retain a full overview, and choose the scenario that best suits your project.

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