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Making an inventory

What needs to be replaced?

In areas where safe working conditions and productivity play a major role, replacing equipment and structures is common practice. Age, wear and tear, and deterioration of components can weaken structures and equipment or even make them unsafe. When making an inventory, we analyse the entire project and identify all unsafe situations.

A clear example of this is making an inventory of the walkways, which may consist of floor gratings, cage ladders, landings and railings.

What can be reused?

Avoiding the need for replacements is an important part of an inventory. Some structures can be re-used following renovation. This saves costs and can favourably affect the project’s lead time. Sandblasting, coating or even modification of existing structures may all be an option.

What needs to be remanufactured?

When existing buildings or structures cannot be restored, we make an inventory of what can be re-manufactured. On site measurements, or existing structural drawings are used to develop new structures. These structures are then assembled on site to ensure that the end results are both functional and safe.

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