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Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal

Asbestos can have a major impact on a project. Because asbestos can be found in the most varied of places, such as factories, installations, power stations and on ships, it is sensible to have an inventory prepared by a professional.

Asbestos removal must, of course, always be carried out safely, as it is extremely hazardous to health. We are able to carry out both detection and decontamination. With full-face masks, overalls, respiratory protection, materials for setting up a work area and the latest technology, we will carry out the work in complete safety.

Removing ceramic wool

When ceramic wool is exposed to high temperatures, it can become hazardous to health in the same way as asbestos. Once detected, it is important to treat ceramic wool like asbestos in order to safeguard the health of employees and the environment. There are no clear laws or regulations regarding ceramic wool. However, we are aware of the danger of this in our work, and we will provide clear warnings beforehand.


Chromium-6 is well known to the general public for its use in military vehicles and the Dutch national railway. In solid form chromium-6 is not harmful. As with ceramic wool and asbestos, chromium-6 particulates may pose health risks. We are very vigilant regarding Chromium-6, and issue clear warnings whenever it is detected.


Batteryspray is a new method that has been included in the SMA-rt. This method is used to remove asbestos in the most efficient way possible. This method also allows for a safer and more economical work procedure. In the past, this has already resulted in time savings during factory shut-downs, or on projects where tight deadlines were a major factor.

How does it work?

Batteryspray is a method for efficiently removing flange gaskets which contain asbestos. The Batteryspray method uses a special liquid that keeps the asbestos flange gaskets wet, thereby reducing the risk to the lowest risk class. The more expensive and conventional methods are no longer required.

When using the Batteryspray method, a flexible drip tray is installed under the flange connections. Special absorption cloths are laid out in the drip tray to capture the asbestos-containing substance. Underneath, the drip tray is connected to a jerry can that collects the liquid used to spray the flange connection.

Above the flange connections, several nebulisers are fitted which keep the flange connection with the asbestos-containing flange gasket wet during removal of the gasket.

After the asbestos-containing gasket has been removed, the absorbent cloths and the contents of the jerry are disposed of as asbestos-containing substances. A new, fast, efficient and therefore money and time-saving method. Are you interested in the possibilities? Please contact us.

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