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Complete project management

Working with one single entity

When you work with different parties during a project, you lose a great deal of time on selection procedures, project management and discussing quotations. This is because you constantly need to explain a large part of what you require to several parties.

We are able to provide all services associated with demolition, environmental remediation, transport, lifting, residual value mediation, consultancy and relocation, to make your project run as efficiently as possible.

Careful planning

In most cases, the first step is to initiate careful planning to enable the various areas of expertise to converge. We will provide you with a plan that describes all scenarios, together with corresponding budget calculations. The different scenarios describe:

  • How the project will be carried out
  • What we need to analyze and the legal obligations we have in this regard
  • Whether and when we must obtain permits
  • In what order the work is to be carried out
  • What materials and machinery will be used
  • Which specialisms will be required
  • What we need to disassemble, create, and possibly assemble
  • Which situation will take the most time
  • What the residual values of demolition materials and used equipment are, if any
  • To which parties we will resell the demolition materials and used equipment
  • What the total costs are for each scenario

One point of contact

As we combine all fields of expertise under one entity, we can provide you with a complete overview, instead of separate quotes from a number of different providers. Based on the different scenarios, you will be able to reach an informed decision on how you want the project to be carried out. Before, during and after the project, you will have one contact person to turn to with all your questions regarding the project. From experience, we can say that this undoubtedly has a beneficial effect on the project’s turnaround time.

A selection of our customers:

Do you want to save time, and have fewer contractors to negotiate with about price, quality and the implementation of your project?