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Assembling and dismantling


It is not always necessary to opt for total demolition. In some cases, environmental factors, conditions, materials and usable equipment make dismantling a better option. In the case of dismantling, we will deduct from the contract price any materials and equipment that can be resold.


If usable parts and materials are required at another location, we will ensure that those are assembled at a different location. Sometimes, avoiding demolition work may be your better option. However, it is important that we become involved in the project at an early stage so that we can provide you with the appropriate advice.

Hoisting, lifting and industrial relocation

When a specific piece of equipment needs to be removed from one area and installed elsewhere, we take care of the dismantling; the lifting plan and lifting work; the transport plan and assembly at the new location, as well as all other plans and permits required.

In the event of a major relocation, for example during a factory shut-down, we make specific lifting plans to maximise the use of the crane. With a well-detailed plan, you know where you stand before you begin, the crane remains idle for as little time as possible, and any unforeseen situations can be kept to a minimum.

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