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The best scenario, thanks to detailed plans

Due to environmental factors and conditions, projects can be carried out in various ways. In order to be able to identify the best scenario, we draft very detailed plans at an early stage to present you with all the possible options.

Budget calculations

These different scenarios include budget calculations for such operations as demolition, lifting and transport, and provide insight into the possible residual value or resale of equipment and/or materials. These scenarios also show whether it is advisable to opt for total demolition or renovation demolition.

You will be making a well-informed decision

This enables you to arrive at a thorough and well-informed decision about which scenario best suits your needs, based on time, money and practical feasibility, and ensures that you encounter as few unforeseen situations as possible that could delay your project.

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Do you want to save time, and have fewer contractors to negotiate with about price, quality and the implementation of your project?