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Demolition alongside shoppers in Hoogvliet

Situated between the Wilhelm Tellplaats and the Wilhelm Tellhof in Oudeland (Hoogvliet-Noord) was the shopping and housing complex we were asked to demolish in November 2018. This outdated complex was partly connected to the car park of a nearby supermarket, and to occupied buildings.

Minimising inconvenience to the public and local residents

In places where there is a lot of activity, such as this shopping centre, it is very important to take account of everyone who might be inconvenienced in some way by the work. Careful planning and good safety measures are very important to cause as little nuisance as possible, and to be able to work efficiently.

It all relies on careful analysis and planning

To be able to plan properly, we first visited the Wilhelm Tellplaats. We started by analysing the location, the surrounding area and the complex to be demolished. We also mapped out the obstacles we would encounter. Based on our findings, we submitted the complete plan to the client in accordance with the specifications, and were soon given the go-ahead.

How did we go about it?

The first step was to cordon off the area with fences to ensure the safety of shoppers and local residents. Once that was done, we started emptying the complex from the inside.

Detaching by sawing, supporting and cutting

Once the complex was empty, we could start sawing away the structure and temporarily supporting all the loose parts, such as awnings. Then it was up to the crawler crane with concrete shears to cut the reinforced concrete and break it up.
Our wheeled machine with a sorting grabber sorted out all the demolished materials and filled the various waste containers.

Manual demolition and demolishing the foundations

Because part of the building was attached to the former supermarket car park, we had to demolish a section there by hand before the crawler crane with its concrete shears could do its work.

We demolished the shop and residential complex down to ground level and then continued with the foundation base and demolition of the piles. We digitally measured the locations of the piles. Finally, we restored all the paving to its former state in order to complete the project.

All work took a total of six weeks. Again, we can confidently say: Your project, carried out efficiently.

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