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Maintenance to floor gratings and cage ladders at factory site

You may already have noticed that we consider ourselves to be a multidisciplinary demolition company. Why multidisciplinary? In addition to levelling structures down to the ground, we also carry out other work.

In 2019 we carried out maintenance to, among other things, the floor gratings, cage ladders, landings and railings within a factory site for a client for whom we had carried out various demolition and turnarounds in the past.

A systematic inventory of all items

This time we focused on maintenance of the walkways inside the plant. We began by carrying out a systematic inventory of the entire plant in order to determine which floor gratings, cage ladders, landings and railings needed to be repaired and/or replaced.

The items which could be repaired were removed, blasted and coated and then replaced. For the remaining items, we had new ones measured. We took care of both the dismantling and assembly, partly using cranes and cherry pickers.

We also carried out all cutting and spanner work to remove pipes and structures.

We replaced the filters of one of the factory components, located in a confined space and which we were allowed to enter under special conditions.

Dismantling using non-sparking equipment

Due to the chemical environment inside the factory, only non-sparking tools and equipment were permitted. The only way to complete the job was by dismantling it, which in this case meant that our guys had a lot of work to do.

In total, we spent approximately 6 months on maintenance work. Once again, we can confidently say: Your project, carried out efficiently.

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