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Circular demolition of radiation bunkers and buildings

For this project, we carried out a circular demolishing of the radiation bunkers and associated buildings. Together with the parties involved, we actively looked for a buyer for the various waste streams so that the materials could be reused as far as possible. Other elements were demolished manually and separated into metals, wood, insulation and other construction and demolition waste.

The bunkers for the radiation equipment had lead-lined walls to block radiation from entering the adjoining rooms. These materials were dismantled and stacked per 1000 kg. The pallets of lead were collected centrally and removed in larger batches to be used, among other things, as ballast for cranes.

Before work began, the bunkers were measured by a radiation expert and an asbestos inventory was carried out in the buildings. Once the reports had been received, work could begin.

The following materials were dismantled and reused within the buildings:

  • Doors
  • Door frames
  • Fixtures
  • Inventories
  • Air handling units and ventilation
  • Motors and pumps
  • Switch boxes
  • Cable ducts

Other activities:

  • Pre-demolition in collaboration with the asbestos surveyor
  • Allowing office units to collapse as an exercise for fire brigade and USAR teams; following these activities, the units were demolished and removed
  • Positioning supports under the floors to allow the removal and transport of heavy medical equipment

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