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Demolition between two houses in Haarlem

This spring, we demolished a building in Haarlem that had been built between two houses. Initially, this former restaurant was to be demolished down to the floor. But in the end, we were also commissioned to demolish the foundations.

Minimal inconvenience to local residents

In populated areas, it is very important to take account of anyone who might be inconvenienced in any way by the work. Careful planning and good safety measures are very important to cause as little nuisance as possible, and to be able to work efficiently.

Manual demolition of connections

Because the building was linked to two homes, we needed to manually demolish a section before the demolition crane could do its work.

We demolished the complex down to ground level, and then continued with the foundation base, followed by the foundation beams.

The entire operation took approximately 2 weeks. Again, we can confidently say: Your project, carried out efficiently.

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