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Demolition of waste material at the Port of Spijkenisse reused as repac (crushed rubble)

Anyone who has been on the Spijkenisse Bridge in the period from April 2018 to May 2018 will have seen our coloured crane at work.

On the former Reinis site in Spijkenisse, we prepared the area in readiness for a new housing development. In addition to the existing new-build homes, a number of other homes are also planned. Alongside the river the Oude Maas in the Port of Spijkenisse, which is a great place to live. Just imagine:

┬ęStevast Baas & Groen, Project De Veerkade

We demolished the foundations and prepared the ground for building.
Using our crawler crane equipped with a large demolition hammer, we hacked into the floor and demolished it, then removed all the foundations of the buildings.

We crushed the rubble that was generated, separated it and used a special machine to grind the usable material into certified repac. This material is mainly used in the building of temporary construction roads and permanent asphalt roads.

Consideration for the surrounding area

Although the foundations to be demolished were out in the open, we still needed to show consideration for the surroundings. We took various traffic measures to divert cyclists and pedestrians.

The demolition of the foundation piles had to be done individually to prevent subsidence. We excavated each pile separately, demolished them and filled the remaining hole with existing soil.

Soil remediation was necessary

Because it had been established beforehand that the soil beneath the foundations was polluted, it had to be decontaminated. The soil decontamination took one week. At the moment, various pumps and filters are still at work to also remediate the contaminated groundwater. This is expected to be completed by the 2019 construction season. Active work took a total of 5 weeks. Once again, we can confidently say: Your project, carried out efficiently.

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