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Demolition of a quay in Spijkenisse for the Municipality of Nissewaard

In Spijkenisse, the Municipality of Nissewaard is busy constructing a new port and dwellings. The old quay had to go. It so happens that the excavation and demolition of quays is one of our specialities. So it was up to us to demolish the quay. How did we proceed? Take a look at the steps below.

First pump out the water

When you think of a quay, you naturally think of water. Before our operators could start digging out the quay, we needed to pump out all the water. Once the water had been pumped out, our operators were able to easily access the quay with their machines to complete the excavation. The soil was temporarily stored separately at a depot, to be reused later.

Demolition of the quay

After the quay had been excavated, demolition could begin. We began by demolishing the quay wall. After removing the wall, we continued with the demolition of the base.

The sheet piling was removed using vibration

Demolishing a quay requires a specific working method that is not used for every demolition project. When demolishing a quay, you need to deal with sheet piling that keeps the whole structure stable. This quay had planks that were up to ten metres deep! How did we manage to get them out? By using vibration.

Crushing rubble on site (the most sustainable option)

During the demolition and excavation of the quay, 2,500 tonnes of rubble was created. For every project, we look for the most sustainable option for processing rubble.

So, for this project, we chose to break all the rubble on site. If all the debris were to be removed in large chunks, more frequent trips would have been required. By crushing it locally, we were able to avoid unnecessary logistics pollution.

Two cranes for the entire project

We used two of our cranes for this project. One crane was busy demolishing the quay wall while the second crane simultaneously crushed all the debris.

In total, demolition and disposal took six weeks. We kept to our client’s deadline, making this yet another project that was carried out efficiently!

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