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Decontaminating columns in containment

Earlier this year, we contributed to the demolition of a chemical plant. There were three large columns in front of the factory, and a smaller column where a chemical process used to take place.

Underneath the columns’ insulation layer were asbestos-containing spacers. To decontaminate the spacers, we decided to lay the columns flat on the ground.

Lifting out the columns

We started by drawing up a lifting plan for laying the complete columns horizontally on the ground. They were lifted in two stages using two cranes. Laying the columns flat made it easier to remove the insulation containing asbestos. Once the outside of the columns and the work area had been cleared, the decontamination of the inside could begin.

Decontaminating asbestos-containing gaskets

The entry to the columns face each other, so that containments could be built over their entrances. Because the columns were to be kept undamaged until the last moment, they could function as part of the containment.

The Expert Asbestos Removers (DAVs) are currently dismantling the bulkheads in the columns and removing the asbestos behind. This process will be repeated until all 50 bulkheads are completely clean. After decontamination, the containment is thoroughly cleaned and released by the laboratory technician. Once the containment is broken down, the columns can be safely demolished. Of course, we will also share some great pictures of this with you!

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