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Major factory shutdown in the Botlek area requires tight planning and close cooperation

A factory stop/turnaround is preceded by a great deal of planning. During the stop, the factory is (partially) shut down, and a lot of work needs to be done before the factory is up and running again. These activities vary from maintaining, dismantling, assembling, moving and demolishing all kinds of structures, equipment and materials.

The challenge

Within a short period of time, a lot has to be done and many contractors, each with their own specialisation, are working hard on preparations before the start of the project. They all have their individual schedules, but there is also a global schedule to consider.
So many different companies and interests make a plant shutdown extra challenging. In August 2018, clients entrusted us with the task to carry out various activities during a factory shutdown.

How did we do it?

The crawler crane we deployed played a major role in many of the activities we carried out during the shutdown. Using this 300-tonne crane, we lifted out and replaced three transformers, and successfully maintained a flare tip at 85 metres.

In various areas of the factory, we dismantled barrels, tanks and (nitrogen) pipes without using open flames. Because the factory contained various highly flammable substances, the use of open flames was not permitted. So we dismantled and scrapped all parts by sawing. We applied an environmentally friendly method to separate all the materials released. The work took two months in total. The plant was able to start up on schedule, and we could once say with confidence: Your project, carried out efficiently.

A selection of our customers:

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